Startup/Bootstrapped Marketing Recap

If you have an hour to spare its well worth it to look back and look back at my series on startup/bootstrapped¬†marketing. But if you’re short on time and want the high level summary here’s the quick recap:

Part 1 – Focus on SEO

Part 2 – Find Influencers

  • Find the key bloggers
  • Be brief and to the point
  • Provide value to them, often by an exclusive

Part 3 – Traditional Advertising

  • Contextual - AdSense, target for competitors
  • Demographic - Cast wide net for demographic info, narrow on interests/hobbies
  • Vertical - Ensure to filter out noise and focus on brand

Part 4 – Retargetting

  • No matter what do this step, it make’s you appear to have a larger presence than you do to users
  • Most recommended service: AdRoll

Again this is just a very high level recap. If any of these items strikes a chord with you please dive deeper. The amount of time it takes to learn about how to market and target your users is a fraction of the return you get from doing it effectively. Finally, if anyone out there needs direction on how to target and measure more effectively always feel free to reach out to me, i’m easily found on twitter among many other services.