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Some personal favorites of services/products that I couldn’t imagine living without now.


  • Chemex – A Chemex will consistently make (not the fastest) but best cup of coffee. Pourover is obviously better than cheap drip, but chemex is the go to here.
  • Baratza Virtuoso Grinder – This is sadly a good bit more than the Chemex, but this grinder is great quality to help make a great cup. If you do want something cheaper a similar hand grinder can be helpful.
  • Kyocera Ceramic Knife – Absolute favorite and best knife I’ve ever used in a kitchen
  • Sonos – Wireless speakers that quite simply just work. Also pretty solid sound quality
  • Double hinged corkscrew – As wine is pretty much a hobby, I’ve tried a lot of corkscrews, electric, rabbits, etc. This one still blows them all away.
  • Synology – Great simple NAS that just works. Supports 2 disks, though they have larger ones as well.


  • dnsimple – Absolute best place to manage your DNS.
  • namecheap – Domain registration; they give back to the web and offer a great service.
  • Boomerang – My inbox couldn’t survive without boomerang, makes it easy to track followups and delay sending.


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