Postgres Performance Lessons

At least once a week I receive an email from someone to the effect of “We’re running Postgres and we’re growing, we’ve started hitting bottlenecks and performance issues and we’re hoping you can point us in the right direction.” I’ve responded to many of these emails, done training seminars on how to diagnose your database performance as an application developer, and spoken at conferences around this. I’ve now compiled all of this knowledge to help you go from feeling like your database is a black box to getting a feel for overall health, to where to dig in and find quick wins when it comes to performance improvements.

This has been compiled into a series of write-ups which are now available for you to purchase via email. These write-ups are delivered 1 per week to allow you time to dig into each and apply what you know–optimizing along the way. In addition to the content itself you’ll have the ability to reach out and follow-up directly for further instruction via email.

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$99 for 5 lessons