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Craig Kerstiens

Bootstrapped/Startup Marketing Part 4

We’ve talked some about SEO, media/blog posts, adwords, no one of these is a magic bullet. Some work better for different reasons. As I mentioned in the first post, if you haven’t checked out the post on tactically measuring metrics then please do. If you have followed those steps and explore each of these options, then you should have an idea of which one works well for you and which doesn’t. The final piece of marketing may be a bit harder to measure, but is going to do great things towards growing your brand to users and visitors.

Retargetting Retargetting is the idea of showing an ad to a user that has already visited your site. It’s pretty basic, someone comes to your site and you have a pixel that loads telling your ad network they’ve visited. From then on they may see your ad when randomly browsing the web. With my most recent venture into the online registry space I was browsing Chiacgo Tribune and Slashdot and came across our ads. There’s absolutely no contextual relevance there, but I checked and it was due to our retargetting. This will make it appear as if you are everywhere to your users. If you do want to heavily monitor what retargetting is doing for you, the best place to do it is around your retention metric.

How do you do retargetting? Sounds like a complicated process slightly… Well it’s simple you don’t, let one of the major ad networks do it for you. The first step for it, is to use image ads. Text based ads may work great for google and facebook, but on most of the websites your retargetting will run on you want to have images that the blogs typically serve. The 3 key form factors you’ll want are:

If you want your shop to seem like a mom and pop site that has 100 visitors a month, then retargetting will hold absolutely no value for you. But even if you do only have 100 visitors a month, with retargetting they’ll get some confidence that you’re a real online brand with a presence.