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Craig Kerstiens

Reduced noise in exchange for transparency

As I’ve become more or less a web 2.0 whore. I’ve also had a great interest in web 3.0 and what it will fortell. Most believe natural language and the semantic web will play a large role in that. And while it will that will not be the end result of web 3.0. While web 2.0 included AJAX and Flex, that really doesn’t fully encompass what they are. Web 3.0 to sum it up most simply will be about reducing the noise of the web. While I can take very little credit for this idea as I have heard others say the same or at least similar things, there is an interesting side that I believe most have not thought about.

You see, in order to reduce the noise of the web you have to know about me and what I consider noise. In order for someone to do this we have to be willing to give up information about ourselves, some of which people consider private. I still recall a conversation which I posted on a few days ago about users not wanting to give out their private information. I believe this attitude is very quickly becoming old hat, while there are individuals that will stay this way for several decades as a collective whole it’s a fleeting attitude. I think for example of which I willingly give all of my financial account information to in order for them to simplify my life. Instead of a massive collection of emails and notifications I get summarized views from them. While there still is the chance for noise as I could receive text messages about every transaction that happens, I have the ability now to filter that noise.

Noise is something that some people love, take scoble for example who loves having hundreds of twitter messages fly across his screen every few minutes. Though for the vast majority to reduce the noise to allow us to accomplish more in a day, but also have more time to enjoy it will be the key to the future of the web.

I’ve talked with some that believe that government policy will come after people start to become too open with their information. My perspective is that as long as there are safeguards around that information then there will be little barriers to users giving it away freely very soon. But in truth only time will tell at how well companies and products can reduce this noise and truly learn about a user, and if there will be regulation preventing such improvements.