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Craig Kerstiens

Adobe came to play

I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but in case I haven’t voiced it on here yet, watch out for Adobe. They look like they’re firing on all cylinders lately and don’t look to be slowing down. At Adobe MAX 2007, I saw a preview of many things that were coming up for them. Though from already having worked with Adobe Flex was a fan, at least of the Flex and AIR products. Adobe now seems to be doing as much to drive adoption of the products as they expect from developers.

First came the acquisition of Buzzword, which is a Flex based word application. With additional abilities for users to collaborate, which in my opinion were already slightly superior to Google’s word equivalent. Then came Adobe Photoshop Express, this was in a sense a lighter version of Adobe Photoshop, only available online and best of all for free. While impressive in their own rights, they really just did a great job of showcasing the power of flex.

Now with adobe seems to have hit a home run. While it may only be a landing place for their in house web applications, it’s a landing place that points to a lot of great tools. Namely adobe connect, which at least matches if not passes every virtual meeting tool I’ve ever used. With well integrated white-boarding, screen sharing, file sharing, web cams, and dial-in support as well, it will surely be my choice for online meetings in the near future. Once the other tools such as buzzword and potentially other applications others such as google and microsoft will have to very much watch out.