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Craig Kerstiens

A Generation

I’ve written many posts here about business, technology, and the like. The reason I’ve been so delayed in updating, in addition to the busyness of life, is because this post has been brewing in my head for quite some time. I just haven’t been able to sit down and actually compose it until now for some reason.

So many of my posts have been about the web and how things will change in the future. Well while in this post it is still strongly related I want to talk a bit more about the social aspect. Of how I feel the next generation will insight change in much of the world because of the web. With the web and all of its utilities, youtube, aim, twitter, email, people no longer feel they’re separated by thousands of miles. Also its allowed any old joe to take on the form of publisher. I’ll concede that my generation watches more television than any generation prior, that sex and STD’s are at a higher rate than ever before. But in large part I believe the whole of the generation is following and simply consuming then information put out by the generation ahead of them.

BUT, there is a small group within the generation that cares about change. That small group is now able to gather mass following, to cause others to thing, and to actually make a difference. This generation seems to have done this through simply expressing themselves. To them its not about making money, or having a cult following, its about personal expression.

Here’s a few examples of what I mean about people expressing themselves: