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Craig Kerstiens

Craig's Huntsville Guide


  • Po Boy Factory - This is a regular stop anytime I’m back in Huntsville. No pomp and circumstance at all, just great New Orleans food that measures up to much of it actually in New Orleans.
  • Gibsons - A clear staple of the south is BBQ, Gibsons does it quite well. The pulled pork is great, though my favorite is probably hitting up this place for breakfast. A good country ham biscuit which is just not a thing in most other parts of the country. Though if there for lunch or dinner make sure to pick up a slice of lemon icebox.
  • Little Paul’s - Within the family of the Gibson’s, Little Paul is the little brother. Very similar overall to Gibson’s, but in particular their smoked turkey here is amazing. Make sure to use the white barbecue sauce with it.
  • Mezza Luna
  • Bob Baumhauer’s Wings


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