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Craig Kerstiens

Category: Conferences

Tips for your first tech conference

I make it to a lot of conferences these days. I often see colleagues, former colleagues, and friends at these conferences. Sometimes it is friends I haven’t seen in a few years, sometimes I just saw the same person in a different country the week before. Conferences now are much easier for me, in fact it is a bit hard to recall what the experience was like when I first started attending, but I’m at least going to try to give some input so others can have a smoother first experience.

Protips for Conference Talks

A few weeks ago I was sitting at the hotel in Zurich with Jacob Kaplan Moss prior to DjangoCon EU enjoying a beer, talking about Django, and discussing a bit about our upcoming talks for the conference. He talked briefly about his upcoming keynote and how he was doing something different, including essentially 5 mini-talks. This seemed interesting enough, but the part that surprised me was when Jacob said, “I’m among friends here so it’ll be a good place to test this format.

Feedback for Conference Organizers

First a huge thanks to all organizers of conferences, but especially for those that organize not-for-profit conferences. I do understand its a great amount of work, and in nearly all cases have greatly appreciated the experience made available by the work they put into it. As for some guidance. I’ve been on nearly all sides of the conference with the exception of organizing, so again organizers please don’t take offense to the feedback.