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Craig Kerstiens


In the coming weeks I’m going to be working with a friend to help his venture in a new partnership that someone has approached him about. This partnership is rather large and I’m not at liberty to disclose details yet, and while this is indeed great news for the site, the great news for users is the site is already fully available.

In short fotoviewr is one half of an online photo album, it doesn’t store your photos for you, but allows you to take your existing photos from flickr or smugmug (with other support coming soon) and instantly put them into a visually appealing gallery. To me the nicest thing about it is the variety. I’ve used piclens before, and while I love piclens to scroll through 1000’s of pictures quickly, that seems to be the extent to which I use it. I can’t use piclens to show off my photo’s to friends or family. While browsing through a standard flickr page isn’t a bad experience, it isn’t a good one. Fotoviewr really does seem to deliver the other piece of what is missing from online photo sites.

Check out a few of the sample’s below, I’ve taken a few of my personal pictures from the past 4th of July and put them into a few of his views that are available. All-in-all this took me a fraction of the time it took to type this post, which is how more things should be online, simple.