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Craig Kerstiens


I’m part of product team at Crunchy Data. Crunchy runs a cross cloud managed Postgres service, that provides more flexibility and power than most other Postgres offerings. We also support a number of large enterprises with their Postgres deployments, whether spinning up HA on VMs, or running and managing large clusters in Kubernetes.

Previously I lead the cloud and product at @citusdata, and then Azure Postgres as Citus was acquired by Microsoft. Citus extended Postgres to be a sharded, distributed, horizontally scalable database. Citus focused on databases in size generally of 10TB up to several hundred TB.

Prior to that I spent a number of years @heroku, a Platform-as-a-service, which takes much of the overhead out of IT from keeping the lights on and lets developers focus on building features and adding value. The bulk of my time at Heroku I spent running product and marketing for Heroku Data.

I’m originally from the South, specifically Alabama, but am fairly close to a local of the Bay area being here over 15 years now. If you’re San Francisco Bay Area so if you’re around and want to chat about Product stuff, databasesor developers, Wine, Football or other things in general feel free to reach out to me @craigkerstiens.

In addition to writing about tech, startups, databases on here I:

If you want help with optimizing your DB for performance or getting insights into your data please reach out