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Craig Kerstiens

Don't Do It Yourself

So traditionally I’ve been a very do it yourself person. I wanted to be the person that didn’t have to rely on anyone, and thus far it’s worked pretty well. I can handle my day to day chores, as well as do my job, and most any side project of venture I take on I feel like I can accomplish pretty well. However, I recently asked my question if that was the best approach. While it’s good to be self reliant, the people at the top seldom do everything on their own. If I take notice of where I spend my time, most of it is on tasks that produce very very little value. Meanwhile there’s other tasks where I only have time to spend a few hours a week that produce much larger value.

On this point what I’m looking into is outsourcing many of these tasks. While it will take additional time to manage that process and delegate the tasks I believe I’m currently at a break even point where it makes sense. From there it can only go uphill and not down. I’ll likely post again in a few weeks after I’ve seen how this is progressed, but it seems those that are accomplishing a lot, in large part its because others do so much for them.