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Craig Kerstiens

Why Qik Matters

Live video streaming from your phone might just seem like another form of lifecasting, a video form of twitter, or even a mobile version of or, but it really is far more than that. A few people have taken these mobile streaming services such as Qik, Flixwagon, and Kyte and really used them to their fullest capacity. Sure you can go to an extreme like Robert Scoble, but admittedly most of his content from Qik can be pretty good.

The real thing about mobile video streaming is something that some people have mentioned about twitter. Twitter often breaks the news, or has more information about breaking news than anywhere else. As much as anything thing else it allows for quick live footage of events. Whether its breaking news or an impromptu interview that someone happens to come across. Those willing to embrace this new form of potential reporting, and sacrifice expensive editing and high end video equipment will come away with more interesting pieces and find a rapidly growing following of consumers that tune in.

Mobile video streaming is far far bigger than ustream and It’s about more than showing the day to day happenings of your life whenever you want, and more about continuous access to news and happenings.