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Craig Kerstiens

A Lesson from the Wal-Mart Model

Many people criticize Wal-Mart for the way they run their business. I personally find no problems with it, as their goal is simply to make prices competitive. If you care about the other details then either A. shop else where or B. donate to those causes you feel should be supported with the money you save. While sure some of these qualms may be justified I’d like to hint at another thought, of why people don’t take advantage of the same approaches.

You see I recently started using a service, which I’d prefer not to disclose yet that gives me access to completing very monotonous and tedious tasks for very low price. Indeed there is some overhead involved but once you learn to manage it effectively, and that is the key to do it effectively. Because in reality anyone can manage, but the vast majority over manage things, rather than giving them just the right amount of attention. But back to the primary point, the idea of taking tasks that you normally wouldn’t do because of their tedious low value nature and getting those completed for a very low cost can become extremely valuable for you. When you start to think out if you had more time to do those tasks hundreds of things probably come to mind, so I’ve encourage everyone to explore the low cost options for work/support and try to leverage them to your advantage