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Craig Kerstiens

Why Twitter Is About To Get Old

Twitter has finally hit mainstream, it was bound to happen and with Ashton, Oprah, Shaq, among many others it’s now going to be around for a while. This means a lot of interesting things for twitter such as scalability to handle this new massive growth which will be much more regular unlike the more sparse spikes they would see before. But as user of twitter it means something far different, it means twitter is about to run out of usefulness. Before twitter was a nice resource to be able to regularly communicate with micromessaging, now it’s quickly going to become one of the noisiest things on the web. This would be a fine case, IF there were ways to manage the noise. However with twitter you either get really focused drops or the entire firehose, there is no medium in between. Sure twitter searches can be nice, but this requires maybe 20-30 constant searches to be up to date on what you care about.

If someone is able to find some way to manage the firehose of information it will prove as valuable tool as twitter itself. But if that doesn’t happen in a respectable time, twitter is going to get really exciting to a lot of people, and just as quickly turn a lot of people off.