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Craig Kerstiens

Selling... Seduction... same difference

On an entirely separate blog I have a full write up on seduction. The other posts contain steps for how a guy would seduce a girl, I think it’s actually quite pertinent to selling sighing business. Before you start making to many assumptions about the other post let me explain a little further, but dorm the selling side within business.

You see in selling something there’s usually a lot of sides to what you’re selling, just as there are to a person. The real key to this is to know which features are relevant, while you might like the option of mind reading, a more likely one is to become friendly early. Become buddy and friendly with them quickly, commiserate with their woes and try to bond with them over similar experiences. This will make the initial conversation over what they’re looking for much more constructive. And while I say this is a conversation about what they’re looking for, what you should be asking is what their pains are.

For every pain that exists, theres 5 to 10 ways to solve it. However if you miss the pain points and problems they’re having, you’re more than likely to miss on the pitch. IF you are able to get the pain points correctly it simple becomes a process of guiding them in ways to solve their problem. This process usually starts with dissecting the fundamental issues in the process, then building it back up with your product or solution being the backbone. In the same way it’s hard to win someone over on a 1 on 1 personal level without knowing what they want, you can’t sell to someone that doesn’t have a problem, and won’t be able to pitch well without knowing it.