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Craig Kerstiens

Category: Analytics

Attribution 101

Continuing with the recent posts on metrics and marketing. I want to give a quick primer on attribution. To any marketing or analytics people out there, simply skip this it would aim to be a primer recap at best for you.

The very general meaning behind attribution is to give credit. When it comes to web products this can be giving credit for lots of things:

Reading Metrics to Evaluate Marketing

A short while backed I talked about tactically measuring metrics for your site/company. Recently I talked a bit about methods of marketing. A large key to getting the most out of your time and money is to properly report against the intersection of these two items. First I’m going to make the assumption you’ve read those posts, if you haven’t go back and do that. Next this is heavily on the assumption that you’re using Google Analytics as your primary tool for measuring metrics and have setup goals appropriately.

Setting up Goals and Funnels - Google Analytics

I had a recent request on how to setup a funnel in Google Analytics. If you’ve missed by first post on some tips for Google Analytics first check that out. With most websites today there is some portion of the site that is event and not page based, meaning you have some workflow on the page based on Javascript. If this is the case you’ll want to fake a page view instead of an event in order to entirely use it in funnels and goals.

A personal recommendation is actually to use both, goals and funnels. The key a funnel is that you need to have successive steps that occur in some order. With regards to metrics tracking this is absolutely needed, but typically you may have 1-2 total funnels with many steps in your site versus goals where you could have 10-15 single goals. For Registry Stop we’ve structured our site so that our earlier stage goals become the same as steps in later stage funnels. For us in almost all cases the first part of the funnel is the visit, the second is registering for an account. We do have independent goals for visits and registrations as well, but we do not have funnels on those goals.

Tactical Steps for Startup Metrics

Metrics are obviously a very valuable area for start-ups, if you don’t believe in metrics and think you’re idea wins just because its great then you better start searching for your next day job. Dave McClure has done a great talk on start-ups several times over, you can check out a video and corresponding slide show at:

And besides, it’s a pirates acronym, so it’s got to be great. But translating these from concept to actual technology metrics is also something that needs discussion. You can’t exactly say we’re going to use Google Analytics and let it magically tell you everything, furthermore all of the web developers out there talking about tweaks on Google Analytics do little to actually tell you what you need to know.