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Craig Kerstiens

Craig's Disneyland Guide

Disney, and specifically disneyland, is a frequent vacation for us as it can be a convenient long weekend getaway. It doesn’t hurt that my wife is a huge disney fan. At the same time there’s certain things that can make it more of a relaxing trip than you may realize without screaming children. Rides are purely up to you, but I’ll dig into a few favorites for food/drinking.


  • Carthay Circle - This is our most common visit in Disneyland. It’s a bit more fine dining, but not too overly high end as well. A few of the favorites are the biscuits, sriracha duck wings as appetizers. For entrees, mostly anything, though the pork chop is a highlight. Their wine list is also quite nice. And if you’re lucky enough to be on a corner table there’s a nice easter egg of the evil queen.
  • Flo’s V8 Cafe - Another common place we visit, though this is what Disney classifies as quick service. This is where it shines that Disney has really stepped up its food quality though. With quick service that includes fresh salads with turkey, fresh and quality sides, or delicious pork loin with BBQ sauce its much better than the microwaved burgers of years ago.
  • Napa Rose - On the other end of the spectrum from quick service is Disney’s much finer dining. This is an area that has always been quite nice, but has continued to be impressive. Only having the opportunity to dine here a couple times we can’t give a huge run down of the menu but will say the chef’s tasting and wine pairing is worth the experience.
  • Blue Bayou - Blue bayou is good food and especially filling. Though where it really wins is the ambiance. It exists within the same setting as the Pirates of the Carribean and feels exactly like you’re on a bayou at night in Lousiana. Being one of the most sought after places make sure to make reservations early for here.
  • Little Red Wagon - If you want something quick, but amazing this is the go to. True old fashioned style corn dogs, fresh dipped in batter for hot, greasy deliciousness. Lines can get a little long here, but it moves quickly so don’t fret too much.


  • Carthay Circle Lounge - Carthay Circle is amazing for good, and their lounge is the spot for drinks, though their light dishes are quite nice as well. Their wine list is pretty good, though their cocktails are what you want here. Whether your preference is gin, whiskey, or champagne there’s a cocktail that will make all the screaming kids so much more bearable. They also have pretty good small bites here.
  • Cove Bar - On a warm day this is a great spot to sit and enjoy the pier area. They’ve got a few off menu drinks that make it both an adult but fun disney experience such as the black pearl (a long island with a twist). And if you’re hungry their lobster nachos are great.