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Craig Kerstiens

Craig's San Francisco Guide


  • Smugglers Cove - great rum bar. Punch bowls lit on fire.
  • 83 Proof - Best cocktails in the city, if you go try a basil gimlet if you like basil at all and have not had one before.
  • City Beer Store - if you go one place for beer it has to be here. Its a beer store that also has about 10 taps, they’ve had beers made for them in collaboration with breweries before.
  • The Trappist - Its in oakland, but convenient off of BART, would be second on my list likely of places to get beers at. I am to get here about once a month if possible, great beers of all varieties.
  • 21st Amendment - I’m personally mixed on 21st amendment they do make some good beers and some people absolutely love the place. Probably the biggest up and coming brewery we have.
  • Anchor Brewing Company
  • Hangar One Distillery if you’re willing to take a ferry ride this is a great time, its about $10 to taste nearly 10 different liquors. They make hangar one vodka, lots of gins, some liquers (one with blue bottle coffee), and they were the first place to start making absinthe when it was legal again in the US.

Beer and Food:

  • La Trappe - Great beer and food place, mostly of the belgian varietal. The beer selection is a good list, then they have a full binder of whats in bottles that you can order. If you go here the fries are a must and the belgian mayo goes great with them (the have something like 16 different sauces for the fries).
  • Suppenkuche - german food and boots, theres also the biergarten next door which if weather is nice its a great place to stop.
  • Monks Kettle - great beers, have only have the food once, was good but pricey for quality. Place is small and can get crowded.
  • Rogue Public Alehouse
  • Toronado - food is from a sausages place thats excellent - this is definitely a very affordable and great food option with enough food to fill you up for < $10 often
  • Pyramid Brewery - Over by us in east bay a bart ride away but doable, standard pub food, but done pretty well.
  • Elevation 66 - Over by us as well, a super small microbrewery, they have great food as well.


  • OSHA - great thai food
  • Stone Korean Kitchen - korean, the kimchi friend rice is great
  • Zero Zero - pizza, thin crust style but San Francisco as well as in a bit foodie
  • Colosseo - Italian place in north beach have eaten at a few times, quite a few people ate here when out at the wedding and loved it
  • Sotto Mare - Smaller italian restaurant, more seafood. Feels like your italian grandmother serving you, when we had to wait 5 minutes they were immediately pouring us wine on the house and chatty/friendly as ever. (small)
  • Fish - best seafood I’ve ever had, a laid back place but can be pricier with entrees anywhere from ~ $20 and up
  • Walzwerk - tiny little east german place with well good german beers. Not super pricey, but many entrees ~ $15 range and up
  • SOMA Street Food Park - A food truck area that has about 10 trucks for lunch and 10 for dinner. Lots of variety here, heaters, tv’s, wifi, picnic benches and beer. Its a very SF take on food trucks.
  • Dynamo Donuts - Must try the bacon maple apple donut.
  • Kiji - California fusion sushi, really good sushi with some fun twists.