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Craig Kerstiens


Among my hobbies include food/wine/travel. Yes, wine is a hobby. As I know frequently enough get asked for recommendations on wine or when traveling I’ve started to condense this into various simple lists.

City Guides

Huntsville, AL - The place I still consider home, Rocket City, because well literally its where the rockets happen. Aside from the obvious space and rocket center there’s plenty of great southern food and times to be had.

New Orleans - Theres possibly no greater city in the world for the trio of food, alcohol, and best of all music.

Paso Robles - A lesser visited wine region, though thats gradually changing with it winning wine region of the year in 2013. Much more relaxed than Napa or even Sonoma, yet great wine.

San Francisco - Hopefully not much needs to be said about the city by the bay. A foodie city with lots of activities, and a woefully out of date list because the pace at which things change around here is exhausting.

Disneyland - As my wife is a large Disney fan and now with a toddler, we frequent Disney. As we frequent it we tend to hit up a few of the extra things such as food and alcohol of course, here’s some of our faves.

Wine Guides

Wine reviews - Reviews of various wineries I’ve attended. Each winery has been attended more than once to have some comparisson between visits. Most are in the Sonoma region, though some outside.

Wine routes - For many reading through lists and lists of reviews and creating your own trip to wine country can be tiring. Here’s a few pre-canned recommendations based on taste preference or location to make a visit to wine country easier.

My Memberships - Occasionally I’m asked where I’m a member at and where I frequent.